About L. Millian

L Millian currently resides in Philadelphia, Pa. She is a mother of two loving daughters and has one dynamite granddaughter who keeps her smiling.

Her novel, Simply Bleu, was inspired by a dream of a character in one of her favorite movies. The actor’s daunting depiction in the movie left such an ever-lasting impression in her mind, that it laid the groundwork in creating her own character for a book. When her thoughts began to emerge, she put pen to paper. Initially, she only wanted to share her feelings with her co-workers, but the more she wrote, the more pleasantly surprised she became of her creation.

The mind is such an integral part of the body that no matter how deep-rooted the mind becomes, it controls the transformation of clarity of ones’ thoughts or the enrichment of ones’ perspective on life. L proved to herself that her thoughts could thrive and give a tantalizing tale of love, chaos, betrayal and forgiveness, such a daily reminder, for the most of us in our own personal relationships.

L realized that having the power at your own fingertips to write from your heart, will, hopefully, satisfy missed desires or perhaps to relive some of those desires that you can’t let go. While writing, L experienced a devastating loss of a close sibling. Instead of letting that staggering loss touch her in a negative way, it motivated her to continue her endeavor of becoming a published author.

At some moment, you will reach that pivotal point in life, where you will wonder what you will be doing in your twilight years. L knows exactly what she’ll be doing; envisioning love and passion through her work.

L is currently working on the sequel to, Simply Bleu.

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